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I hate school, but i love education

I hate schools but I love education, I hate educational system, but I love learning.

I am really big believer that everyone should get a chance to Equal Opportunity. I don’t think in Equal outcomes, because then life would be boring, and there is no fun in that.

Equal opportunity for me means a great education, and I really believe that we as humans, are capable of providing a great education to every child on this planet, but we most certainly failed on this.

How that happened?

We have a lot of great minds and talented people, great as I say Life Teachers, but they are not attracted to public education, and there is a clear reason why, and the reason is that they can not even support their families if they got into public education as teachers.

I mean, how much is teacher in public school earning per month? Depending on country, but very less for sure in most of the countries. So why they should go and teach for some small amount of money with which they can not even support their families, when they can go and work for a company, which is paying them good money?

I strongly believe and think that teachers should be paid best. Because everything is based on that, the whole economy if you will. If we get smart and talented people to teach in public school, and we paid them well so that they are satisfied, you will see how the world would be different with that generation of children, the results would be amazing


But when you think deeply, who’s fault is that. Who are the actual customers of Education?

PARENTS, and they just don’t care! Let me explain why…

For example, when you want to buy a car, or a telephone, you want to see what are the best options out there, and those car and telephone companies are marketing themselves and competing against each other like crazy so that we buy products from them. And you are choosing the best one so that you don’t end up with some crappy car and buggy telephone, and you care for that. Why?

Well because you are giving your own money, and you got to be sure that that thing is worth giving money for. But how come you don’t care what education your kid is getting? Let me explain you this..

Government is paying let’s say 40 000 euros per pupil, here I mean elementary and secondary school, that is usually for ‘’free’’ in every country. But actually, is not, because that is our money, because we pay taxes to governments. So basically, parents don’t actually have the feeling like they are giving their own money, therefore they do not care about where their kids go to school and what education they get there, and who are the teachers teaching their children…As long as it is for ‘’free’’

So that’s why I am for FREE VOUCHERS (check, coupons) called them however. Here is how it would work.  What if that money (40 000e for example) government give you as a voucher for education (and remember that that is your money, because you are paying tax)

Then what would happen?

Well, several things would happen: schools would start to market themselves as car, telephone companies are doing.

Schools would then compete against themselves on who is the best, and we all know that where there is a competition, quality is raising. Let’s put it like this: Where there is a need, there are always providers competing to provide you with the best service.

And all of that would happen, because you as a parent will have that voucher in your hand, and schools would love to get that voucher from you.

Of course, there are many pros and cons for this. Some bad sides are also connected with this, but this I think can be solution in the long term. Because this education we have today, hurts us more, than possible changes would.

Many thinks that technology and machines can make education better. Yeah, sure…but that is not a solution. We need talented people in schools, and here is why…

Technology and machines are reactive, and for kids we need someone who is proactive, and those are living talented human beings.

Kids need that person who will insight their curiosity, that guides their curiosity, that feeds their curiosity, and machines can not do that in the same way people can. I mean, elements of discovery are around us, we don’t need computer for that, we need a person. Children need a guide, not an assistant.


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