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Leaders with empathy

I know, now you’re thinking like look at him, what can he write about leadership that already hasn’t been written. But, how come that we have so few leaders that are actually leaders?  There is a big need in reading about leadership, so that we can all improve ourselves and spread the knowledge.

whether the company is having a great leader you can know by feelings you have for that company, what I mean by that is that customers are the result of great leadership. Why?

Well, leadership is the inside game, if you treat you employees poorly, they will treat customers poorly. It’s really that simple.

I wanted to write my insights and what I have learned about leadership, and when I started writing this I realized that even though it’s hard to summit it up because there are many things that are required to have, so that one can be a great leader, I tried to summit it up for you in 4 things that everyone needs to accomplish in order to be a great leader. We already learned that the most important skill of leadership is INFLUENCE.. So let`s start..


  1. Passion

When you are truly passionate about something, it’s contagious. Our passion draws other people to who we are and what we care about. Others respond by letting their guard down. Which is why sharing your passion is very important in business. When people see that we are driven by something, when they feel our energy, they get hooked on it and we form…

  1. Trust and trust is one of the most important things in leadership and in business in general, trust is not an experience of something, trust is a feeling. We need to trust our people that they know how to do their jobs when we give them support, and they need to trust that they will not lose their jobs if they did not do the job as we expected from them, they need to feel free. Great leaders are creating an environment where people feel safe, and when they do feel safe, people become creative, and when they do become creative, well, you are one step closer to become a great leader.


  1. Compassion



Leaders are so often concerned about their status or position in organisation, so they actually forget their real job, and the real job of a leader is not about being in charge but about taking care of those in our charge, and this is very often forgotten.

Great leaders are not responsible for the job, great leaders are responsible for the people who are responsible for the job.

We do not practice empathy, we need to show compassion for other people. Great leaders are creating family atmosphere among employees, where they care about each other. Celebrating victories, and supporting, cheering each other in hard times. When someone from employee is not giving results as expected, the role of a leader is to show compassion, and to show worry for him/her, and ask how he/she can help, and not punish them for not being best at their jobs, because people are emotional creatures, and for every of our actions there is a reason stacked to it.

The thing is, we all have the capacity to be a leader and that doesn’t mean that everybody should be a leader, or want to be leader.

We all want to be parents, right? So, by being a parent, you are a leader as well, and the way how you treat your children, that’s how you need to treat your employees. As I said, like a family.

  1. Servant and influencer


People who wants to lead by demand or by position, can only lead short period of time.

But if you are a servant, and serve your people, to help them experience their needs at some richer, deeper level, if you do that, you, together with your people can do anything, absolutely anything. And let’s get one thing clear, there is a big difference in being a leader by position, and to lead people.

Being a leader means that you have that position, that you have the biggest rank, the title.

Leading on the other hand means that people are willing to fallow you, not because they must, but because they want to.


The truth is, being a Leader sometimes sucks, because when things go wrong, it is you to blame, and when things go right, you give all the credits to your people.

But one thing is sure, if you ever become a great leader, you will be admired and the feelings people will have for you, will give you full sense of fulfillness.



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