People don’t buy products, they buy feelings

We live in a very noisy, complicated world, and we are not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us. So, we have to be really clear on what we want them to know about us, for what we stand, and for which reason we exist in this world.

Many companies are doing a crucial mistake in marketing, and that is they talk a lot and in most cases only about performances of their products. They talk about: gigabits, speed, volume, strength. But can we really relate to them, when we hear or read that? NO

Because we don’t buy products, we buy feelings, we buy emotions.

Why people love Harley Davidson, Prada, Apple, Nike, Armani, Ferrari? Well, it is simple, besides of great quality of products, they give us a lifestyle, and we can relate to that.

Girls are feeling special when wearing Prada or Armani, and guys are feeling special when riding a Harley or driving a Ferrari.  Because, people don’t buy products, they buy feelings.

For me, Marketing is about values.



I would mention two great companies, Nike and Apple.

And they are doing just an exceptional job in Marketing, really impressive. Here is how they are doing it…

Nike is a commodity company, I mean they sell shoes and yet when you think about NIKE, you feel something different, that they are something more…here is why.

NIKE in their commercials never speaks about their Air Soles or how comfortable their shoes are, or how they are better than Adidas. Instead of that, they honour great athletes and great athletics: Roger Federer, Lebron James, Rafael Nadal… and we all know how great these guys are and what they present.

In every NIKE commercial goes fallowing: Guy/girl goes early in the gym, before anyone, trains hard, then the games starts, and he/she is having some difficulties (can’t score or something) and in the end, they find strength and win (score or something) and why these kinds of commercials they are doing are so successful, well… because we all can relate to it. We all have times in lives when we are trying really hard, and we have many difficulties, and in the end, we all want to win, right?

Now Apple, realized why NIKE is so successful, so in 1997 they ran a campaign called: Think Different, where they honoured great minds in our history. What they wanted to achieve and what they have achieved? They wanted to send a message about what their belief system is, and their belief system is that: People who are passionate enough, can change the world. They had no respect for the status quo, and they were proving that all the time. That ad ran till 2002 and it was a huge success. Why? Well, because people related to it.

Remember that people don’t really care about your speed and feeds, their care about their feelings, and if you manage to touch the heart of your customers, I don’t see why they would not become your clients.

To be able to touch your customers, you need to know why you do what you do, and address that to the market.

If you manage to address that in a way that we can all relate to your product, well, congratulations, you will probably have long and sustanable business with plenty of happy customers.

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