The most important things that are very often forgotten when starting a business

You know you have an Entrepreneurial bone in your body, and you want to create something that can change the world in a small or in a big way.

I know what you are thinking right now, ‘’How can I create something that can change the world, when almost everything is already invented’’ well, you are quite in right there, but also quite in wrong, let me explain…

First of all, don’t ever underestimate the power of idea, second, what does it matter if something is already existing, just find the way to improve the existing thing, and give consumers a great Value, and they will become your consumers.

But let’s be clear in the beginning. If you are starting a business because you want to earn few bucks more, than you will probably fail. To be a successful in business, you need to create VALUE for others. The more value you bring to other people, the more successful you are. It’s that simple. So always focus on VALUE that you are bringing.

Okay, you have this IDEA that can change the world in a slightly way, the product you have to offer is bringing VALUE to other people, and you want to inform the world about you.

To start making your idea into reality, you need to build up a company, and therefore you need a TEAM. And pay attention to this part, because this is super important. You need to find a group of people, who will love your idea, and they will be passionate about it, and they will go on this journey with you no matter what, so don’t just look for qualified people for the job, look for people who are crazy as you are, who will consider that not as a job, but as a mission. You need this kind of people, otherwise, it is almost impossible to do it alone. Why? Well, because it is so hard, and if you are alone, you will probably give up. You need a team, to remind you of what the mission is. I know this may seem weird, but a lot of entrepreneurs after few years in business, they forget why they started that business in the first place, usually because they didn’t have the right team to remind them of what the mission is.



Okay, you have found a great team, you are all crazy enough to make your idea into reality and change the world for the better with your product, but you don’t have the money…right?

Well, you lucky bastard, 10 years ago some guys name Danae Ringelmann and Slava Rubin had this great idea of building a platform for guys like you who have great ideas and great teams, but don’t have money to make those ideas into reality.

 The platform is called INDIEGOGO and also you have KICKSTARTER. And there you can present your idea, and all the people who like your idea, they can give you some small amount of money, it’s called Crowdfunding

Building your own business is not easy, you will face challenges at every corner, but If you really think that you with your product or service can make the world a better place. I dare you to be persistent, I promise, it will be worth it.

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